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Sights and Views of the area

This area has to be the most beautiful in France. It is practically completely unspoilt, the only large "human" intervention being a series of dams down the principle rivers to provide hydro-electrical power. But even these dams generate their own beauty in the form of lakes up-stream where in some cases water-borne activities are possible. Here are some pictures of some of the fantastic views you will see.

The town of Argentat is just down the road from the Pont de L'Hospital - it has shops and an array of restaurants and other excellent eating-places, many of which are right on the banks of the river Dordogne. The whole area is well known for its good food and wine; there are many places to go within easy reach and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. For more information on Argentat and some images of the town, please click here.

Also worth a mention is the presence of many caves in the area, including the very famous Gouffre de Padirac. This is essentially an enormous series of underground lakes, and they can be accessed through an hole which sinks deep into the earth. This really is a sight to behold, and photography is difficult within the caves and could never capture the scale and beauty of this natural phenomenon. However, they do take a photo of you on the underground boat ride as a souvenir. For more details on the caves in the region and to see some photos (including one taken during the underground boat trip), please click here.

Not far away is Rocamadour, a pilgrimage site and of great importance since the middle ages. Rocamadour is a town built spectacularly up the side of a hill. There are some pictures of Rocamadour which will give an idea of the spectacular nature of this town, which is free to visit. For more detailed information, please click here.

Other local images

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Photo Gallery of Local Images
Typical houses
Argentat Market
Chapel at Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne
Chateau Collonge
Chateau Estresse
Church at beaulieu-sur-Dordogne
Cottage in l'Hospital
Flight of Condor
La Roquebrou
Lazy Days
Limosine Cow
Local Field and barn
maison de Maitre - Breteneaux
Montale Calque
Local view
River Dordogne at Beaulieu
River Dordogne at Monceaux

Recommended reading

This Michelin Green Guide to Dordogne Berry Limousin, Michelin, 1998.
ISBN: 2-06-132501-7

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